About Us

For Senior’s Sake is an Adult Family Home that strives to provide a personal and trusting environment that is supportive and understanding to its residents and their families.

Laura Cirves - RN, Owner/Provider

Laura Cirves RN, Owner/Provider

“I enjoy the story of people’s lives and the journey that led them to my door. I want to know them personally, which is critical in giving day-to-day care for these fragile folks.”
- Laura Cirves RN, Owner/Provider

For Senior’s Sake, Inc. is owned and operated by Laura Cirves.

Laura is a Registered Nurse with a BS in Nutrition/Dietetics. She began her entrepreneurial career as a licensed hair dresser with a mobile hair service, “Hair on Wheels.” She visited a wide variety of homes and offices throughout Puget Sound, including about 50 adult family homes throughout King county.

Seeing the conditions in some of the adult family homes made her realize the need for better quality of care for the senior citizen population.

While obtaining her bachelors degree in nutrition the opportunity arose for Laura to purchase her own adult family home business. Laura bought the house, located in the Shoreline area, completely remodeled it and opened For Senior’s Sake, Inc. #1 in August of 2000.

Laura then decided to go to nursing school and became a registered nurse in 2005. In the meantime, she opened up two more homes all located in the same cul-de-sac.

Upon obtaining her RN license, Laura worked for a local hospital on the telemetry floor for about a year, but found she wanted closer relationships with the people she was caring for.

Laura trains and instructs her care givers with this same philosophy which has proven to build trust between the client, care giver and family.

Steve Felton - ARNP, Medical Director

Steve Felton - ARNP, Medical Director

Steve Felton ARNP specializes in care of geriatric patients who reside in home-health settings. He provides comprehensive care coordination based on the medical and psychosocial needs of his patients.

His philosophy of care is that frail elders achieve higher levels of independence and safety when personalized services are provided by health care professionals in partnership with patients, their caregivers and their families.

His clinical experience in critical care, rehabilitation medicine, and geriatrics give him multidisciplinary insight into the key medical, functional and social needs of patients with complex physical and psychiatric conditions. He currently serves as a Clinical Services Manager for OptumHealth and Medical Director for selected Adult Family Homes.